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The Dangers of DIY electrical Work


Playing with wires for someone who is not a professional is a dangerous activity, and at times can be fatal. This is why it’s not a good idea for DIY electrical work.

Some tasks may seem fairly straight forward and ‘doable’ but the reality is professional electricians are trained to understand the risks involved when investigating electrical issues / problems.

Australian Law prohibits anyone who is not a licensed electrical to carry out electrical work as a trade. Electrical DIY is never a good idea if you have not received proper training. Saving some money is not worth potentially risking your life.

If you are experiencing an electrical emergency in Sydney and you require your power to be restored even after hours, it is always the best idea to contact someone who knows what they are doing. The urgency to restore your power yourself can put your life at risk, and it is never worth it.

Think about it like this, if you decide to replace your outdoor lighting, you walked over and ‘switched off’ the power to your light in that particular area of the house / business. You start to take off the lights, but somehow you made a mistake and actually switched off the power to the wrong part of the house. You are now at grave risk of been electrocuted.

Professional electricians will always take necessary steps to guarantee their own safety and those around them.

Another scenario is, let’s say during your DIY electrical job you manage to connect the lights but did not secure them properly. A guest walks in a day later the light was to fall down with the live wire exposed. You have now endangered not only the lives of the people who live in the house / work in the commercial property but also any potential visitors who come to that property.

Our 24hr emergency electricians are Sydney based & are professional licensed electricians who guarantee all their labor work and are insured.

Another point to consider is if the wires are not connected properly your home or business property could be at risk of a fire. Wires can overheat and cause a fire.


Save yourself the headache and risk attached to DIY electrical work and contact a professional today.

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